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Adolescence brings many changes, including in your child’s health care. At ABC Pediatrics Fresno in Fresno, California, Katayoon Shahinfar, MD, offers comprehensive physical and mental health care for adolescents who are in or are quickly approaching their teenage years. Dr. Shahinfar provides many services targeted toward this exciting and challenging time in your child’s life. To learn more about adolescent health, call ABC Pediatrics Fresno today.

Adolescent Health Q&A

What is adolescent health?

Adolescent health care targets children ages 10-21. Early adolescence starts shortly around the age of 10, middle adolescence occurs from ages 14-17, and late adolescence happens from about ages 18-21. Each period is marked by rapid change and development. 

Adapting to these changes can be difficult without the proper mental, emotional, and physical guidance. As a pediatrician with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Shahinfar can help your child navigate these new developments with compassionate, individualized care.

What is included in adolescent health?

Many physical and emotional changes often accompany adolescence. To help your child adapt to these changes successfully, Dr. Shahinfar provides treatment and guidance for:

  • Hormonal conditions during puberty
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress management
  • Weight management
  • Menstruation and adolescent gynecology
  • Substance use
  • Eating disorders
  • Nutritional deficiencies 

Dr. Shahinfar also has specialized training to help your child cope with social and emotional struggles at home or school.

What happens during an adolescent health visit?

An adolescent health visit is similar to a routine physical. This annual checkup allows Dr. Shahinfar to evaluate your child’s mental and physical health. 

As your child ages, the questions and concerns during these visits may feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, so they may feel independent enough to carry out their adolescent visits on their own.

After recording your child’s height and weight and taking their vitals, Dr. Shahinfar asks questions regarding their physical, mental, social, and sexual health. These questions give her a better idea of how to move forward with the visit. For example, if your child has recently started experiencing acne, they may discuss treatment options. 

Next, Dr. Shahinfar performs a comprehensive physical exam to assess your child’s physical health. This portion of the visit may also include any health screening your child needs. Finally, Dr. Shahinfar and her team may administer any vaccines that your child is due to receive.

These routine visits also give Dr. Shahinfar and your child a chance to check-in. If your child has any questions regarding the changes they’re experiencing, these visits provide a time for Dr. Shahinfar to deliver guidance.

To learn more about adolescent health, call ABC Pediatrics Fresno to schedule an appointment today.